Forced Adoptions for NSW?

6th Nov 2018

To NSW where, proposed changes to Adoption Laws by the Berejiklian Liberal Government may open the possibility for forced adoptions in the state, reminiscent of the policies from the sixties…

With only six sitting-days left of NSW Parliament, Liberals Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward, is attempting to push through changes to the Adoption Act and the Child Welfare Act that, according to NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge, will make it easier for the widespread adoption of Aboriginal children and more difficult to reunite children with their families. 

A major concern of Shoebridge is that the proposed changes will make it possible for children to be adopted out without the consent from the parents.

Mr Shoebridge says that currently in NSW alone, there are thousands of children who have been removed from their families and put on Guardianship orders. Of those children, 815 of them are Aboriginal children. These orders mean the long-term decision making for these children is given to people that are not the child’s parents or family. Since these decision making rights are no longer with the parents, the changes will mean that they no longer possess veto rights if someone wants to adopt their child.

The second major change causing concern is a new two-year time limit to prove to the courts that the family environment is suitable for children.

To find out more about these changes and why there is opposition to them, CAAMA's Teghan Hughes spoke with NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge...

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Those opposed to these Legislation changes will be demonstrating at NSW Parliament on Wednesday morning. For more information please go to ---

[Image: Memorial for Forced Adoptions - This monument honours all those mothers across Australia who lost their children to the policies of forced removal... Let it never happen again. Sculptor Silvio...Apponi. . assisted by Kaurna sculptor Shereen Rankine and Yankjatjara artist Tjula Jane Pole and Kunyi June An McInercy]

By Teghan Hughes