Calls to Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility to 14

30th Aug 2018

A few days ago demonstrators gathered outside the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Darwin calling on the NT Government to raise the age of criminal responsibility.

Findings of the Royal Commission into the Protection & Detention of Children in the Northern Territory recommended the age of criminal responsibility be raised from 10 to 12.

While The Gunner Labor  Government  agreed to the recommendation, it set a deadline of 2021 to implement the change. Aboriginal & legal organisations say that the change to the higher age of 14 is needed

West Arrente woman & CEO of the health Service Danila Dilba Olga Havnon has seen a lot happen in the Northern Territory justice system. At a gathering of demonstrators outside the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre she outlined exactly what she’s seen through various governments and as part of her representation of Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT. She starts off this report by Philippe Perez.

Also featured: Amnesty International Australia Indigenous Rights Advisor Rodney Dillon.

Picture credit: Amnesty International Australia