Arrernte Language kept Alive Thanks to - Apmere Angkentye-kenhe: A Place for Language

16th May 2018

Central/Eastern Arrernte is the first language of Mparntwe Alice Springs and has been spoken here for thousands of years. However, the effects of colonisation and globalisation have meant that English has become a primary language of the area with many Arrernte people now losing their own ancient language. 

To counter act this - and to help keep Arrernte language strong for Arrernte families - A small group of artists, Arrernte speakers and language experts have come together, for the second time,  to run ‘Apmere angkentye-kenhe - A Place for Language’ an artist-led social project valuing, teaching and sharing Arrernte language.

The ‘Yellow Shed’ behind the Uniting Church on the Todd mall in Alice Springs will open across the two months with new happenings and creative content to engage with Central/Eastern Arrernte, specifically focused on making activities for Arrernte families.

To find out more …. I spoke to Beth, Veronica, Amelia and William… who will all be a part of this exciting project to hear what it’s all about...

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By Teghan Hughes