Allegations of abuse against young people at Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre

17th Jan 2018

Amnesty International has called for the closure of the Intensive Support Unit (previously known as the Harding Unit) at WA's Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre  facility following allegations made by young inmates that they have received ill-treatment. The inmates have claimed they have been denied basic services such as access to showers and being fed through a grill in the door.

Indigenous Rights Campaigner & Nyikina woman Tammy Solonec has said she has spoken to young people at the detention and that one of the two men told her he "felt like a dog".

Unions & Corrective Officers working at the Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre have denied any wrongdoing but have said they will investigate. 

Philippe Perez speaks to Amnesty International's Indigenous Rights Manager Tammy Solonec.

Update 22-1-2018: WA Corrections Minister Fran Logan has announced that an independent inquiry into abuses at Banksia Hill as well as an inquiry by the Department of Corrective Services.