Advice for the 2018 Central Australian Bushfire Season

12th Jan 2018

After reports of a bushfire burning near Simpsons Gap yesterday, Bushfires NT are looking to ensure those living in Central Australia that they are prepared for this year's Bushfire season. 

A medium attack grass fire unit arrived in Alice Springs from Darwin late last year to boost firefighting efforts with the localised firefighting trucks.  

In this audio Philippe Perez speaks to: Joshua Fischer Senior Fire Control Officer for Bushfires NT, David Letherby, District Officer for Alice Springs, Tennant Creek & Tea Tree & Marcel Kempe, volunteer officer for Alice Springs Bushfire Brigade. 

In brief, advice on what to do this bushfire season c/o Joshua & David:

* Ensure that you have a Bushfire Management Plan if you live on large property in remote Central Australia.

* Remove any unnecessary vegetation around from homes.

* Ensure there are four metre clear fire breaks, whether they are slashed or graded around the perimeter boundaries of your property.

* If there is a potential of fire breaking out near your land, make sure you know where your family are, and where you will be heading to when evacuating.

* If there’s danger around, leave early, don’t leave as the bushfire is very close to or on your property.

* Make sure your hoses are pre-connected & are working properly for small fires.

* For those who are travelling or camping: fires can only be used for cooking or boiling water. They must be extinguished once you no longer need the fire.