First Nations University Students Mentored In Commercial Law

7th Aug 2018

Over the past few months, 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law students from Queensland received hands-on mentoring from qualified lawyers and barristers. The mentoring program was jointly co-ordinated by many law practices and non for profit legal organisations through the state. The program is designed to boost students' understanding of commercial law and advocacy.

This year’s group of mentored students competed in the fourth annual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students' Moot (or mock trial). The students – representing the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University and Bond University – spent Friday at the Federal Court in Brisbane exploring the legal issues arising from a dispute involving a fictional farming and tourism business founded by Indigenous business owners.

Partner at Queensland law firm Allens John Hedge & Woppaburra man & University of Queensland law student Martin Doyle spoke to Philippe Perez about the moot & legal mentoring services for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Picture credit: the Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland 

Pictured: Darci Perry, Tia Shadforth, Wyatt Cook, Isaiah Banu, Lachlan Ryan, Giselle Kilner-Parmenter, Martin Doyle, Naomi McCarthy and Cassie Bray.

Allens partner and moot coordinator John Hedge

Woppaburra man & University of Queensland law student Martin Doyle