What it is to be Aboriginal in the 21st century......

5th Dec 2017

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie was one  of the politician  caught up in the dual citizenship saga after British authorities confirmed she is a UK dual citizen.

It was an emotional Ms Lambie  who  resigned from parliament  after receiving confirmation from the British Home office that she is a dual UK citizen by descent.

Senator Lambie’s Grandfather is Scottish and her father arrived in Australia from Scotland as a child.

She became the  second Tasmanian senator to quit after Senate President Stephen Parry also  resigned over citizenship doubts.

In a tear- filled address to Parliament, Senator Lambie thanked her father for his dedication to her career in politics …but Tasmanian veteran Aboriginal rights campaigner Michael Mansell, who  always challenged the  acceptance of her  claim to  Aboriginality by Labor politicians, says her  resignation  has opened up  another debate.