The Human Rights Law Centre calls for swift action after Royal Commission Findings are given on Friday.

14th Nov 2017

The peak body representing Aboriginal Community controlled organisations in the Northern Territory, APONT outlined a bunch of proposals & positions that they would like to be implemented in anticipation of the findings of the federal Royal Commission into the Protection & Detention of Children in the Northern Territory that will be handed down this Friday.

They included the closure of both the Don Dale & Alice Springs Youth Detention Centres and the implementation of more therapeutic centres that are closer to community & a wholesale reform of the NT legislation in regards to child protection.

Larrakia woman & Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre Shaleenah Musk, who was at the meeting where these proposals were outlined and has worked as a youth justice lawyer in West Australia & the Northern Territory, says the current Child Protection laws within the NT are too harsh & swift change needs to happen as soon as the Royal Commission gives its findings.  

She’s here speaking in this audio with Philippe Perez.