Investments into Ntaria Tourism & the Hermannsburg Historic Precinct

5th Dec 2017

A recent investment into the community of Ntaria will mean the history of the area will be preserved for future generations, according to both traditional owners of the area.

The Northern Territory government has announced an investment of five hundred thousand dollars to restore historic buildings within the Historic Hermannsburg Precinct. The announcement was made by Northern Territory Minister For Tourism & Culture Lauren Moss at an event within the Precinct after much consultation with community members

As well as the restoration, the action plan will aim to develop more accommodation ideas for the area, help smaller tourism projects come to the community and grow the amount of people working in tourism in the area.

In this audio we hear from: 

* Lauren Moss, NT Minister for Tourism & Culture

* Conrad Ratara, Traditional Owner

* Edward Rontji, Traditional Owner

* NIcholas Williams, Traditional Owner & Chair of the Hermannsburg Historic Society

* Chris Fifster, Finke River Project