Hayden Rickhard - Senior Coach Djarrak Football Club

12th Sep 2017

Caama sports welcomed for the first time to the show, Hayden Rickhard the senior coach for the Djarrak football club who won their premiership last weekend. Big surprise for the football club with the women winning their first premiership also in the Gove Football League.

Hayden who has been in and out of the islands since 2003 is really loving being back in the community of Yirrikala and working with the Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation. He had a lot of support from people and other football clubs along the way and gave thanks to special people including Matt Campbell and Cameron Stokes for their knowledge and support throughout the year.

Sets up pathways for the mob on the island to journey to Darwin and do pre season training with the mighty Darwin Buffaloes Football Club. Also opens up doors to get the playing groups in to jobs and schooling to help them stride to be Good community members and strong family leaders.

We would like to thank Hayden and wish him all the best.