CAAMA News 21-04-2017

21st Apr 2017

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling, Emmie Dowling, Damien Williams.

The Turnbull Government  is moving to change the citizenship test by adding a range of  questions on Australian values and the English language.

The Association of Heads of independent Schools of Australia  has responded to criticism that a plan to  establish  Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander  satellite  schools  is more about attracting federal government  funding than providing a better  education.

Darren Goodwelll ,CEO  of the Stronger Smarter Institute ....a  pioneering aboriginal friendly deliverer of  education to  remote communities across the country says its  time for government  to look at results... and fund what is working.

 A new survey has found that more than half of housing  tenants across Australia... are living with rental stress.