"Birthing on Country...back to the future !

12th Oct 2017

A new culturally and clinically safe maternity program which will allow Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander mothers to give birth on country in a safe care environment… is being flagged as a model which  can be rolled out Australia wide.

“The Birthing On Country” program created around  Indigenous knowledge and community control will see  a redesigned health service  providing  24/7 continuity of midwifery care and birthing in Aboriginal birth centres.

 Project leader Prof. Sue KIldea from The University of Queensland says  the " Birthing on Country Program" which focuses on the year before and the year after birth  is supported by both national  and international evidence .

Prof.Kildea speaks with Paul Wiles about  possible hurdles the program might face but believes community control of the  program will make it difficult to  close down.

photo courtesy CRANAplus

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