CLINTON PRYOR - Walk for Justice. An inspirational Aboriginal story.

22nd Sep 2016

Clinton Pryor is concerned for his people and aboriginal communities. He wants the Federal Government to listen to their cry for help and he's doing that by walking to Canberra from WA.

He chats here with CAAMA's Erin Liddle

"Why the heck are our people living in poverty out in communities and they get away with mining the land and making billions of dollars", he said.

Mr Pryor is stopping into aboriginal communities along the way to talk with elders about what they want to say to Malcolm Turnball.

" The government think that they know what is best but it's time to listen to us. They need to sit around the fire, proper way and talk to the elders", he said.

"We might as well start forming an aboriginal party group so that we can vote our own into parliament to represent us".

Clinton Pryor - Aboriginal communities - Walk for justice

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