Lives of Aboriginal people now dominated by bureaucrats…..

Yawuru Elder  and Sydney Peace Prize winner Patrick Dodson  has questioned the  ongoning involvement of  Federal government bureaucrats in  Northern Territory Aboriginal  communities and says that  there has to be a rational approach…… without  people having to suffer….. to prove that there is a way to improve and deliver  public policy.

Mr Dodson,  a  co- chair of the expert panel  on constitutional recognition for Aborignal  and Torres Strait Islander  people in the Australian  constitution,  raised  the  issue when  delivering the the inaugural  Mahatma Ghandi Oration .

Speaking on CAAMA RADIO  Mr Dodson says the constant factor in the lives of his l people has been the role of the public  service from the first native protectors to  the welfare agents  and   all sorts of bureaucratic agencies  that now run and manage or interfere going ino the Northern territory intervention..

Mr Dodson  says the lives of Aborignal people is  now dominated by bureaucrats …and that  this interface has to be changed …or removed !

13-02 patrick dodson on reform