CAAMA is a proud corporation that enjoys a well recognised brand throughout its large radio footprint across Central Australia. Our mix of business has evolved over the years to include Radio Broadcast, CAAMA Music, CAAMA Productions, CAAMA Library and Heritage and our CAAMA Technical Services team.

This vibrant and mutually complementary mix of business has given the organisation greater strength through diversity and allowed us to broaden our impact on Aboriginal culture, celebrating 35 years in business and growing within its industry.


The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) is the largest Aboriginal media organisation in the country since 1981, with the second largest audience reach in Australia. According to the Community Broadcasting Association's national survey, CAAMA has over 60,000 listeners...

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CAAMA Creative

Experience the extraordinary patchwork of Indigenous stories – the essence of the people and the fabric of the land – through the eyes of Indigenous filmmakers. Using the latest digital technology, we produce drama and documentaries for broadcast television, videos for government...

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CAAMA Technical

CAAMA Prides itself on being a head of the pack when it comes to technology in broadcast and music. Our technical team headed by Rob is one of the best in the business keeping CAAMA Radio on the air and it's Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service getting out to countless rural and remote...

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