Australia’s first Aborignal political party First Nations Political Party launches policies…

Australia’s first Indigenous political party has held its official policy launch in Alice Springs…

First Nations Political Party spokesperson  Kenny Lechleitner says the party was set up to look at the future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People…and is registered at both the local Territory level and the national level…because Aboriginal people need to have a voice both locally and nationally.

He spoke to Thecla Brogan on Strong Voices

The newly-formed First Nations Political Party, which was registered in January last year, has launched its policies at Alice Springs Aboriginal business… Kungkas Can Cook.

The party, which is headed by Maurie Japarta Ryan, aims to represent the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

kenny l on political party

Mr Lechleitner says there has never been the opportunity to have an  Aboriginal
voice as a political party… and told CAAMA Radio that  the party stands for representing Aboriginal people having a voice and being about to set directions for Aboriginal people…but doesn’t exclude other people living in the country.

He says their ‘s First Nations Political Parties policies are very clear in the point that first nations people need to look at how they are governed.

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