The Audio

These files were produced in house at CAAMA Radio and a freely available for download and use through Creative Commons license.

New research by a Charles Darwin University PhD candidate has discovered a largely forgotten piece of the Northern Territory's WW1 war history. Norman Camp director of the Darwin Military Museum and a PhD candidate at CDU says his research indicates up to 40 NT soldiers were not included in the figure that was generally accepted by historians of up to 360 Northern Territory soldiers that served in WW1.

A roll call of Aboriginal Ex-servicemen and woman of Central Australia (2nd file has 1min silence included)

Aboriginal man, Vietnam vet and author K.C. Laughton wrote 'Not Quite Men; No Longer Boys in 1999.  Here he chats to Paul Wiles about the book and his experiences with 3 Troop - 1 Field Squadron during the Vietnam conflict.

David J Delaney is a Cairns based wordsmith who has penned many poems about the war and with an Aboriginal context.  The poem Capt.Reg Saunders is about Australia's first Aboriginal commissioned officer during the WW2 performed here by Pixie Jenkins.

Pixie chats to Deavid J Delaney and David recites a poem about our new ANZAC hero's from new conflicts other than WW1 and 2 etc

The Battle of Long Tan will remain legendary in Australia's Vietnam war history but here is a different perspective from an Australian Music icon - Col Joye  who happened to be entertaining the troops just they discovered the Viet Cong within a kilometre of the base.

The Last ANZAC was a critically acclaimed show in the late 90s written and produced by Pixie Jenkins.  Pixie has re-voiced this theatre production for Caama Radio especially for this ANZAC Day.

There is nothing more moving than letters written by parents to their soldier sons at war.  Produced by CAAMA's Pixie together with Paul Wiles and Pam Riley this a lovely presentation of a series of letters between an Australian  mother and her son heading off to war.