Ali Curung Angels (2002)

The small aboriginal community of Ali Curung, 100kms from Tennant Creek, has always been known for its wild drinking sprees and in-fighting amongst the four Aboriginal tribes that reside there.

This began to change with the introduction of a ‘Law and Order’ program jointly developed by the Ali Curung Community Council, the Aboriginal Development Unit and a group of very strong women. The program does not aim to change people’s ways but educate them and give the people affected by their actions, namely their families, other options than to be victims of violence and drink.

Since the introduction of this program domestic violence in the community has dropped by nearly half and school attendance rates for children have risen phenomenally. For those communities that want it, it seems that the ‘Circle of Violence’ which the women have painted on the walls of their community centres to educate people, can be stopped.

26 minute documentary
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 14

* Austrian ‘Festival der Nationen – Kurzfilme – Die Besten aus aller Welt’

Further reading on this topic
“Grog Wars” (1997) by Alexis Wright. Published by Magabala Books.